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HOW TO: Reports for Adobe Connect
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Problem: How can the host see who has attended which classes online Solution: Yes, there is a way to see who attended your online session in your Adobe Connect meeting space:1. Log on to https://connect.clemson.edu with your Clemson username and password 2. Click the Meetings link in the gray bar at the top of the screen. 3. A submenu will appear. Click My Meetings. 4. Click the name of your meeting. 5. Click the Reports link, you may generate a summary of report, a report by attendees, sessions, or questions In your case, you only wanted to see who attended a particular session, so click on By Sessions, select the corresponding session number, say June 15th, you will see a list of students in this session. KEYWORDS: ATTENDANCE, ONLINE CLASSES, ADOBE CONNECT, ONLINE SESSION, MEETING SPACE