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ERROR: Students cannot access Adobe Connect meeting space
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Problem: Receiving error message,andldquoThe host has ended this meetingandrdquo whenever trying toaccess online course in Adobe Connect. Solution: The message received is caused by a setting the host may have turned on. It is sometimes done accidentally and unintentionally, but can be frustrating. Once done with the meeting, most faculty will just close their web browser window by clicking the red X in the top right corner of the screen or by selecting Exit Adobe Connect from the Meeting menu. However, sometimes inadvertently, you may select the End Meeting option from the Meeting menu. When you select this option, it will actually ask you for a message to show anyone who tries to access this meeting room, while you are not there.If you click OK, then it will begin to show this message to anyone trying to enter the room. The next time you try to open the meeting you will see a message that says the same thing, The host as ended this meeting. Thank you for attending. However, your screen the screen of the host will have a Start Meeting button. It also has a checkbox to Lock the meeting after starting. By default the Lock the meeting after starting checkbox defaults to being checked. If you click Start Meeting, while this checkbox is selected, then you will be allowed into the meeting, but your students and anyone else trying to access the meeting will still see the message The host as ended this meeting. Thank you for attending. Adobe Connect will let you know this when you click the Start Meeting button. Then once you click OK and are in the meeting space, you will see a message displayed in the top right corner that states that Incoming Attendees Blocked. There is a Stop Blocking Entry button. By clicking this, you can allow your students access to your meeting space. If the message goes away before you are able to click anything, you can go to the Meeting menu then select Manage Access and Entry then you will see a checkmark next to Block Incoming Attendees. If you select Block Incoming Attendees, this will act as a toggle and turn this feature off and your students will be able to get into the meeting space. KEYWORDS: ONLINE, COURSE, ADOBE CONNECT, ERROR MESSAGE, HOST