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HOW TO: Attend Adobe Connect meeting via smart phone
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Problem: Adobe Connect participant needs access to meeting while on the road. Solution: If a participant has a smart phone, he/she will need to download the Adobe Connect app first. This app is downloadable from the App store or Marketplace on their smart phone. Type Adobe Connect in the search field, it will come up with the application to download. After the installation, the participant will have to log in as a guest to the Adobe Connect meeting space. If the host wants to enable video or audio for him or her to participate they may, but it is recommended that the participant have earbuds plugged in or a bluetooth headset enabled on their smart phone. The Adobe Connect mobile app works for iOS and Android devices and the Blackberry Playbook tablet. For more information and resources regarding this app visit our Adobe Connect Resource page. If you would like the person to call in, you will have to set up a conference call. The meeting hosts department will be responsible for the fees involved in the conference call. KEYWORDS: MEETING, ADOBE CONNECT, PARTICIPANT, CALL, CELL PHONE, SMART PHONE, MOBILE, ANDROID, IOS, BLACKBERRY