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HOW TO: Transfer all emails from Webmail to Google email account
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When switching from a Clemson webmail account to the Clemson Google Apps for Education account, it may be desirable to transfer old emails which were stored in the webmail inbox. In order to accomplish this, the Google Apps account is set to import emails from webmail using a POP3 protocol such that emails are downloaded once and stored in the Google Apps inbox. The emails are then deleted from the webmail server. Any duplicate emails that may be in both accounts will be merged. 1 Log in to the Google Apps account by going to g.clemson.edu and entering your username and password. 2 Click the gear icon in the top right of the screen and select the settings link. 3 Select the Accounts and Import tab then click the Add a POP3 mail account you own link towards the bottom of the screen. 4 Enter the Clemson webmail address that is desired to be imported and click next. 5 Enter the username and password are entered in the corresponding boxes and ensure that the POP Server is set to mail.clemson.edu with port 995 selected. Ensure the the SSL connection box is checked then click next when done. 6 Select No in the following screen since it is desired to import mail and not to send mail from the clemson.edu address. Once the No bubble is selected, click finish. The Clemson Google Apps account will now download all of the message from the clemson.edu inbox into the g.clemson.edu inbox and delete them from the webmail server once completed. This will result in the consolidation of all emails in to the g.clemson.edu inbox. Once this is complete, if you would like to disable more messages from being delivered to your webmail account, go tohttp://www.clemson.edu/ccit/emailforwarding/and uncheck the first box that says Deliver email to my Clemson mailbox. Then, to ensure messages are delivered to your Google Apps account, check the last box that says Deliver email to my Google Apps for Education mailbox.