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Convert Pegasus Mailboxes to Outlook Using Aid4Mail
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Convert Pegasus Mailboxes to Outlook Using Aid4Mail Requirements: Transend Migrator Outlook must be the default mail client 1. Open Pegasus Mail. 2. Click Add Folder. 3. Type Outlook and hit OK. 4. Close Programs. 5. Open Aid4Mail. 6. Click Pegasus Mail mailbox .pmm and click Next. 7. Browse to your Pegasus mail folder will contain .pmm file, typically u:pmail or c:pmail 8. Click the file that ends in .pmm and has the most recent date/time modified. 9. Click MAPI MS Outlook... and click Next. 10. Click Next 11. Select Outlook under profile name. 12. Click Next. 13. Type Pegasus Mail into the name field and click next. 14. By default Aid4Mail will transfer the full message without attachment. If you wish to retain the attachment, click Preserve full message and click Next. Otherwise, just click Next. 15. Click Start. 16. When Aid4Mail says Processing finished, click close. 17. You may now exit Aid4Mail. Your messages will be placed in the default profile under the folder Pegasus Folders.