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HOW TO: Share Word file in an Adobe Connect meeting
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Issue: User would like to share a Microsoft Word file in Adobe Connect. Solution: In Adobe Connect, Microsoft Word files are not supported file types. The supported file types in the Share pod of Adobe Connect Meetings are: Images .JPG, .PNG Video .FLV, .SWF Documents .PDF, .PPT, .PPTX Audio .MP3 Compressed .ZIP The user can work around this issue by saving the Microsoft Word file in a different format: Save the Word document using the free PDF writer built into MS Word File, Save as type, PDF .pdf. The Save as type will include a dropdown menu in which the user will select PDF .pdf. Then upload the PDF to Adobe Connect. Another option is that the user can share his screen and show the Word document that way. He might need to zoom in on the document for students to see better. The zoom button is in the bottom right corner of the Word document. KEYWORDS: SHARE, SHARE POD, MICROSOFT WORD, WORD, MICROSOFT, DOCUMENT, DOC, ADOBE CONNECT, UPLOAD, PDF, SUPPORTED FILE TYPES, FILE TYPE