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HOW TO: Create Turnitin assignment
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You can create a Turnitin assignment in Blackboard using the following steps: 1. In the course menu, click on Content or the name of the content area for your assignments. 2. Under Assessments, choose Turnitin Assignment. 4. Select Assignment type. 5. Click Next Step. 6. Type in Assignment title, Point value, Start date and Due date. 7. Click on Optional settings for additional details or accept the default settings. 8. Click Submit to create the Turnitin assignment. 9. Students will click on the Content area in the course menu, find the Turnitin assignment and click on View/Complete to submit the assignment. 10. As an instructor, you can view and grade your Turnitin assignments in the Control Panel under Course Tools, choose Turnitin assignments. 11. Click on Roster Sync on the right of the screen to be sure all students are listed. Grades will be posted in the Grade Center in the column for the Turnitin assignment. This column was generated when the Turnitin assignment was created. Information concerning Turnitin is located at the link below: http://www.clemson.edu/ccit/learningtech/computertraining/ott/turnitin/index.html