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Email Phishing Attempt Response
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Thank you for notifying us. The email yousent us was not sent by Clemson and is a phishing attempt to gain access to your Clemson credentials.The Clemson computing staff will never send communications asking you to provide your username and password, or send you to a website not at a clemson.edu address that will request you enter such information. The message you are seeing is designed to betray your trust and gain private information such as passwords, credit card information, social security information, etc. We areforwarding your message to our technology security team so it can be assessed and reacted to properly. If you provided any private information as a reply to this phishing email or entered information at a linked website, steps must be taken immediately to protect your security: If you were asked to enter your Clemson password, we ask that you go to https://login.clemson.edu/changepass.php to change your password or call the Support Center at 8646563494. Some guidelines for choosing a strong password can be found at http://www.clemson.edu/ccit/about/policies/strongpasswords.html If your Google Apps Clemson Gmail password has been compromised, please go to http://www.clemson.edu/ccit/emailforwarding/ and click the link below the last check box that says Reset my Google Apps password to reset that password. If any other information was compromised, such as credit card information, social security number, etc, you will need to contact each institution directly for instruction. If there are any updates to this incident or if you need to perform any further actions, you will be notified by email from a clemson.edu email account.