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HOW TO : Exchange - Share Secondary Calendar for Outlook 2010 and 2013
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Sharing a Secondary Calendar In addition to your default Microsoft Office Outlook Calendar, you can create and share secondary Outlook calendars. Few things to note, this is not an officially supported procedure, it will work fine for sharing between two or more Outlook mail clients. It will not work for sharing with Entourage or Apple mail clients. For sharing with those clients, we can create a andldquoresourceandrdquo within Clemsonandrsquos exchange organization to fit those needs. Please ask if that falls into the scope of your need. So in addition to creating a second calendar you may also want to share this second calendar with other people.The topic of creating and sharing a second calendar with other people is covered here. The example used is creating and sharing a vacation calendar in Outlook 2013. There are two basic steps in the process... Create a new calendar in this example called Vacation. Share the calendar with others. Create New Calendar called Vacation Schedule To create a new calendar... Make sure you are in the Calendar part of Outlook. From the Folder tab clickNew Calendar. In theNew Folderwindow enter the name of the new calendar. In this example the new calendar is namedVacation Schedule. Now Click OK. Once the new calendar is created it will appear in the Navigation Pane in the Calendar view. Share the Vacation Schedule Calendar with Others Right click theVacation Schedulecalendar in the Navigation Pane and on the shortcut menu select go to ShareShare Calendar. A Sharing Calendar window opens in the form of an email. In this window enter the email addresses of the Clemson Exchange users that you want to share this calendar with. Check the boxRecipient can add, edit and delete items in this calendarif you wish the recipient to have these permissions. ClickSendbutton. When the recipients receive the email notifying them that have access to this calendar they will click the Open this Calendar button in the email message. TheVacation Calendarwill now appear in their Navigation Pane in the Calendar part of Outlook.