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With a BlackBerry, how do I wirelessly reconcile the folders from my mailbox?
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In order to take full advantage of the features offered in the BES BlackBerry environment, you should make sure you have the latest software on your device. To find the version of handheld software you are running, on the handheld, go to Options and then choose About from the Options menu. By default, your BlackBerry device is configured to reconcile the Inbox and Sent Items folders with your Exchange mailbox. From your device, you may choose to wirelessly reconcile additional folders from your Exchange mailbox. To do so, follow the steps below: 1. With the BlackBerry, go to the Messages screen and click the trackwheel. 2. Select Options, and then select Email Settings and click the trackwheel. 3. From the Email Setting screen, click the trackwheel and choose Folder Redirection. 4. Select MailboxYour Name and click the trackwheel. Choose Expand from the list and click the trackwheel again. 5. Use the trackwheel to navigate your folders click the trackwheel to select or deselect a folder for redirection to your handheld. If you wish to stop reconciliation of items that you send from your desktop mail client, use the steps above to deselect the Sent Items folder. Messages sent from your handheld will still appear in your handheld Inbox and the Sent Items folder of your Exchange mailbox.