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ISSUE: Random pictures do not show when students view exam results in My Grades
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ISSUE: This issue only occurs when students view the test images via My Grades after completing a test. Those images display when students take an exam and after they click OK to view the test results upon the completion of the exam. Furthermore, instructors do not have any problems viewing those images either from a test, a pool or a student attempt on the Grade Center. It does not matter whether the image is a .jpg or a .png file. SOLUTION: This is a known issue to Blackboard and will be addressed in a future Service Pack. A temporary solution is to have the students access the test results via the test itself. The instructor will need to make a the test available to students but not allow multiple attempts. Students who have taken the exam will not be able to launch the exam again. When they click on Begin, they will see a message: You completed the Test on specified date and time listed. The student will need to click on the button View All Attempts to view the test and all the images associated with each question, selected answer, or correct answer will show up if the instructor has chosen those options.