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HOW TO: Change or reset Google Apps (Clemson Gmail) password
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Clemson contracts with Google to provide Google Apps accounts to all students, faculty and staff. These Google Apps accounts have Gmail, Drive, and other applications provided by Google. Since Google manages these accounts separately from Clemson, these accounts have a password that is separate from the normal Clemson password. The Google Apps password is not tied in any way to the Clemson password changing one will not affect the other. This is a guide to resetting and/or changing the Google Apps password. 1If you know your current Google Apps password, proceed to Step 2. To reset your Google Apps password, go towww.clemson.edu/emailforwarding . Click the link below the last check box that says Reset my Google Apps password if you do not see this link, be sure the two bottom check boxes are checked. This will generate a new password at the top of the page. This is now temporarily your Google Apps password, so carefully copy it. 2 Go to g.clemson.edu to log into your Google Apps email account. Enter your Clemson username and Google Apps password and click Sign in. 3 If this is your first time logging in, you may be asked to accept an agreement. Proceed through this until you are at your inbox. In the top right, you will see your email address listed. It will look like usernameg.clemson.edu. Click this email address and in the box that appears, click the blue word that says Account. 4 A new window will appear. Click Securityon the left and then Change Passwordat the top of the page. 5 Enter your current Google Apps password and then enter a new one of your choice. We do not recommend the Google Apps password be the same as your Clemson password for security reasons. When you are finished, click Change Password. This completes the change of your password. Use this new password anytime you want to access your Clemson Gmail at g.clemson.edu .