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OVERVIEW: TigerTracks ticketing system for IT support
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Clemson Computing and Information Technology CCIT employees hundreds of technicians and specialists across dozens of departments and groups. The major collaboration tool used across many departments is TigerTracks. This program is a complex ticketing system where individual incidents and requests can be documented, assigned to the proper team and archived when they are resolved. Emailing the Support Center: The CCIT Support Center can be emailed at ithelpclemson.edu Anytime someone emails ithelpclemson.edu , a ticket is created and placed in a queue monitored by the Support Center on the 2nd floor of Cooper Library. If the issue can be identified immediately, a resolution will be given or the ticket will be routed to the proper team. If more information is needed the technician will email back with questions. Responding to an email from a ticket will reopen the ticket in its current location. This is true even if a ticket is set to Resolved or Closed. Therefore, if you have further questions about an issue you are encouraged to reply. NOTE: Always click reply to an email sent from ithelpclemson.edu if you are going to respond. Drafting a new email will create a new ticket and the information from the old ticket will not be copied over. This may cause confusion if you are responding to an ongoing issue. Calling or visiting the Support Center: The CCIT Support Center can be contacted by telephone at 8646563494 If you call or visit the Support Center on the 2nd floor of Cooper Library, we will assist you fully within our capacity. We will also create a ticket about your visit for documentation. Even if the issue is resolved by the time you leave or hang up, you may receive an email about the new ticket that was created. This is normal. You are also encouraged to reply to this email if you have further questions. What happened to my ticket: With hundreds of thousands of tickets going through the system per year, there is a chance of one being routed improperly or resolved prematurely. If you have any question about a ticket or the issue it is based on, you are encouraged to contact us to verify the status. Providing us with the issue number usually a 6 digit number ensures that we can quickly look up the proper ticket.