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OVERVIEW: DreamSpark
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What is DreamSpark: DreamSpark is a service provided by Microsoft to provide discounted or free software to students and instructors. These users must be in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Technology or another related field. The software packages are all Microsoft products and include operating systems, development kits and more. Obtaining an Account: Students and instructors in the above fields can request access to DreamSpark accounts by emailing licensingclemson.edu from their Clemson email account. The user must specify the class they are in and the software packages needed. They will be provided with further instructions by the software licensing department if necessary. Accessing Software: 1 Once you have an account, go to the following website: www.dreamspark.com/student. 2 On this page, click Sign In at the bottom of the page under the tab Create Account and sign in with the information provided by the licensing department. 3 Once you are signed in, at the bottom hit the tab for More Software Through Your School. 4 In the search box, type in Clemson and a list of choices will appear. Click on one that ends in DreamSpark Premium and then click Visit the WebStore. 5 With the premium account, you will have access to hundreds of titles provided by Microsoft. You can search using the bar at the top or using the catagories on the left. Select a title and you will be given instructions on downloading and installing.