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HOW TO: Remove email forwarding to Google Apps email for graduated/past students (remove yourself from mailing lists)
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For graduated/past students who want to remove themselves from the Clemson email lists: You can remove yourself from the email forwarding lists very easily. This will stop email from Clemson forwarding to your Google Apps account Clemson Gmail. However, you will not receive ANY emails that are sent to your usernameclemson.edu account. This includes any emails sent by faculty or students directly to to you. You will still receive emails sent to your usernameg.clemson.edu account. These are the changes that are implemented a year after you graduate. To implement these changes now, follow the instructions below. These instructions are NOT meant for current students or faculty. This will cause you to miss important university emails and is against policy. 1 Go to http://clemson.edu/emailforwarding and log in if prompted. 2 Uncheck the last check box on the page. It will say Deliver email to my Google Apps for Education mailbox g.clemson.edu. Do NOT modify any other check boxes. This will effectively remove you from all Clemson mailing lists and any other messages sent to yourusernameclemson.edu.