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HOW TO: Manually delete wireless networks in Apple OSX
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Deleting wireless profiles, such as Tigernet, on a Mac computer can be cumbersome. Below are instructions to do so. You will need the userand39s Mac password to complete these procedures. Deleting Profile and 802.1X The first step to try when you are removing a network is the basic profile deletion. 1 Open Network Preferences and click Turn Airport Off. 2 Click on Advanced. Under the Airport tab, locate the tigernet entry and click the button at the bottom to remove it. 3 Click on the 802.1X tab and remove any tigernet entries with the button. 4 Click OK at the bottom and then Turn Airport On. Deleting Keychain If the above does not work, continue with this procedure. 1 Use Spotlight on the top bar to search for Keychain. 2 Open the Keychain Application and search for tigernet. 3 Highlight any entries that contain tigernet and remove them by rightclicking and selecting Delete. Deleting Plist If all else fails, this removes all wireless network profiles from the laptop. Performing this procedure after the ones above is guaranteed to remove the wireless network. It will also delete the other entries from the remembered network list but not their entries in the Keychain. 1 Open a Finder window and from the Go menu at the top select Computer. 2 Navigate to Macintosh HD Library Preferences SystemConfiguration. 3 Right click on preferences.plist and if it exists, preferences.plist.old, then select Move to Trash. 4 Open Network Preferences and click the Location downdown box at the top. 5 Click the button to add a new entry, enter automatic and click Done. Once the entry is removed, new wireless networks such as Eduroam can be configured.