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HOW TO: Print out the Photo Class Rolls in Blackboard
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Steps to print out the photo class rolls: Open the Blackboard course. In the Control Panel, click on Course Tools, then Photo Class Roll. While the photo class roll is open, follow these steps:Note: Steps 1 through 3a apply only when using the Firefox browser. When using Internet Explorer, proceed to Step 3b.1. Rightclick anywhere on the page. 2. Select the options This Frame Show Only this Frame. 3a. Choose Print Preview from the File menu and verify that all the photos are appearing. 3b. IE Only Choose Print Preview from the File menu, then select Only the selected frame from the Select Content dropdown box. Verify all that the photos are appearing. Note for Step 3 both a and b: By default, the File menu may not be initially displayed since the Menu Bar option is turned off. To turn the Menu Bar on and therefore display the File menu, rightclick at the top of the browser to the right of the address bar not inside the tab. Then, from the rightclick menu, select Menu Bar. A checkmark will appear next to Menu Bar indicating the option is now active.4. Click Print.