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HOW TO: Basic Commands for Owners of LISTSERV Mailing Lists
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These are the basic and usually only commands that any list owner will need to manage their list. The commands include looking at your list, adding a new member to your list, and removing an existing member from your list. To make changes to the ownership of the list, send a message to ithelpclemson.edu with the name of the list and the addresses of the owners to be added or deleted. Also, make sure to use plain text when sending LISTSERV commands. LISTSERV does not understand formatted text and will not work correctly. Whos On My List To see who is a member of your list, send a message to listservlists.clemson.edu with the following message: REVIEW listname For example, in your case you would put the following in the message area: REVIEW MyList Adding and Deleting Subscribers You, as a list owner, can also manually add and delete members by sending mail to listservlists.clemson.edu with the following messages: ADD listname netaddress Full Name or DEL listname netaddress For example, to add John Doe with the userid JDOE to MyList use the command add MyList jdoeclemson.edu John Doe If Mary Smith needs to be deleted from MyList and her address is marysese.clemson.edu, then the command is del MyList marysese.clemson.edu You can add or remove many names at one time by using more ADDs: add MyList johnclemson.edu John Doe add MyList maryhotmail.com Mary Smith del MyList cheeng.clemson.edu del MyList joehubcap.clemson.edu In return, the list server will ask you to verify each addition. Just reply OK to each message that the list server sends back to you. Avoid using a signature file when you reply to the list server. KEYWORDS: LISTSERV HOWTO ADD DELETE REMOVE