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CONFIG: Fix slow IMAP access from Thunderbird
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Problem: Response time for email while using IMAP in Thunderbird on Windows operating system is extremely slow. Solution: Making the following configuration settings may improve response time: Overview: Change mail.server.default.useidle to false Change mail.imap.maxcachedconnections to 1 Change mail.server.server.maxcachedconnections to 1 Procedure: Tools Options Select the Advanced Icon, General tab Click the Config Editor button Edit mail.server.default.useidle setting: In the filter box type: and39mail.server.default.useidleand39 Double click the item with preference namemail.server.default.useidle. This should change the value to false. Edit maxcachedconnections setting. In the filter box type: and39mail.serverand39 Look for mail.server.server to identify which server number corresponds to the Clemson IMAP server account. In a Thunderbird configuration where only the Clemson IMAP server is defined, server1 may be the local mail configuration and server2 may be the Clemson IMAP server. In the filter box type: and39maxcachedconnectionsand39 Double click the Preference Name and39mail.imap.maxcachedconnectionsand39 Enter the integer value 1 default may be 5 Double click the Preference Name and39mail.server.server name foundabove.maxcachedconnections Enter the integer value 1 default may be 5 These changes may improve the IMAP response time to a reasonable level without resorting to offline storage of messages.