Mobile Printing

Mobile printing is now available to users of Paw Prints.

Your Paw Prints Mobile account will be automatically provisioned with the first conventional print job you submit after January 1, 2014. This means you will be able to submit print jobs via email from your or account - just send an email to Paw Prints Mobile. If your email includes an attachment, the attachment will be submitted as a print job. If your email has no attachment, the body of the email will be submitted as a print job. Click here for a list of supported attachment types.

Jobs will only be accepted if they are submitted from registered email addresses. To register additional email addresses to your account, see the instructions further down on this page.

Additionally, jobs submitted via Paw Prints Mobile can only be printed on a standard format printer - i.e. plots/posters cannot be submitted this way.

You can send print job submissions to one of two Paw Prints Mobile accounts:
Emails sent to this address will format your print jobs in black and white. Color attachments or color content in the email message itself will be rendered in black and white.
Emails and email attachments sent to this address will be rendered in color.

Screenshot of a print job submission by email
Submit a print job by sending an email

Within 2-3 minutes of submitting your job, you should get a confirmation email. (Note: These confirmation emails will always come from whether you've submitted your job to either of the above addresses.)

Screenshot of email confirmation
Email confirmation

Your job will now be available at any of the release stations in these buildings:

  • ASC Lobby
  • Brackett
  • Cooper Library
  • Daniel Lobby
  • Greenville ONE
  • Gunnin Architecture Library (Lee Hall)
  • Hendrix
  • Holmes Hall (Honors College)
  • Hunter
  • ICAR
  • Lowry 11
  • Martin M1
  • McAdams 110A
  • Sirrine G40
  • Union Lobby

To preview your job, check your balance, delete jobs, or upload a print job via the web, click on the link included in your confirmation email to go to the Paw Prints Mobile web interface. Log in with your Clemson University username and password.

Screenshot of Paw Prints Mobile web interface
Paw Prints Mobile web

You should see a list of your currently queued jobs.

Screenshot of queued print jobs
Queued print jobs

Click this icon Preview button to preview a job. (Jobs you have submitted to the CCIT Lab Printers queue will also be visible but not previewable.)

Screenshot of queued print jobs

You can delete any queued jobs by clicking on this icon Delete button in the upper right-hand corner.

Screenshot of delete confirmation
Job delete confirmation

You can check your current balance by clicking on the Total Balance in the upper right-hand corner.

Screenshot of balance drop-down
Check your current balance

To associate additional email addresses with your account, click on your username. The drop-down menu will show you all email addresses currently associated with your account.

Screenshot of registered email address list
Add email addresses

To add an address, type in the email address and click the + button. You should shortly get a confirmation email at this address.

Screenshot of balance drop-down

Your confirmation email should include a link. Follow to finish the process.

Screenshot of new address confirmation email

Confirm your address and you will be redirected to your jobs list.

Screenshot of new address confirmation form

Your new account should now show up in your list of registered email addresses. You may now submit print jobs from this account.

Screenshot of registered email address list
Registered emails

To upload a print job via the web, click on the "Upload a document" button. You can submit any of the supported document types but extremely large files may fail to upload.

Screenshot of upload dialog
Upload dialog

You'll get an "Upload complete" message when your job is ready.

Screenshot of upload dialog

Click the refresh icon Preview button to show your updated job list.

Screenshot of queued print jobs
Updated job list

Much of the same functionality is available viewing the Paw Prints Mobile web interface in a mobile browser. Click on the disclosure arrow next to your job in the job list to preview it.

Screenshot of job preview on mobile web interface
Preview a job

Click on your total balance in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to view your quotas and Tiger1 balance.

Screenshot of account balance on mobile web interface
Access your account balances

Click on "Registered Emails" to add a new email address.

Screenshot of registered emails on mobile web interface
Registered emails