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Printing Instructions

If you are a faculty member printing to Plot 36/42 from Adobe Illustrator, you may want to consider installing the PostScript print driver, as opposed to using the standard RTL driver. Please consult your college consultant for help with this.


Open the File menu and select Print...

Illustrator 1

The Print dialog box should appear momentarily. Select the Setup... button in the lower left hand corner in order to proceed.

Illustrator 2

Adobe Illustrator will issue the following warning. Disregard the notice, and select Continue.

Illustrator 3

Select a Printer

The following dialog box should now appear. Browse through the list of available printers to select Plot03, Plot36, or Plot 42. If the desired printer cannot be found in the list, follow the corresponding instructions given at the Installation Page.

Illustrator 4

Once you click on the Preferences button, the Printer Driver's properties dialog box should open. At this point, consult the corresponding Printer Driver Instructions in order to properly set the paper size, orientation, and other options. Once finished with that portion, you should arrive back at the previous dialog box, where you can select Print to continue with the printing process.

Final Steps

At this point, Illustrator should have returned to the following interface. Ensure that the correct printer is selected prior to continuing.

Illustrator 5

A number of options allow for detailed control of the application's output. Customize the orientation, scaling, and other settings to your wishes, and select Print when satisfied with the configuration. The document will now spool to the corresponding print queue.

Hint: Selecting Fit to Page is a quick way to determine if the document will clip when printed. If a zoom of less than 100% is displayed below the preview, then the document will not fit inside the clipping rectangle.

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