Windows 8.1

Printing from Desktop Apps

  1. Click on the Settings icon

    Screenshot showing the Desktop application Internet Explorer

  2. Go to "Print" > "Print..."

    Screenshot showing the settings menu path to the print dialog

  3. Fill in the pop-up dialogs with an optional job name, your username, password, etc.

    Screenshot showing the initial Paw Prints pop-up dialog

Printing from Metro Apps

  1. Move your cursor over the left-hand portion of the screen to pull up the Charm Bar. Click on Devices

    Screenshot showing the Charm Bar activated over the Metro app Internet Explorer

  2. Click "Print"

    Screenshow showing the

  3. Select your printer

    Screenshow showing printer selection

  4. Fill out the print dialog as usual

    Screenshow showing the native print dialog

  5. You will get a notification that you need to switch to your Desktop. Click on the pop-up notification

    Screenshow showing the Desktop notification for the Paw Prints pop-up dialog

  6. From here, you can fill out the pop-up dialogs as above

    Screenshow showing the Paw Prints pop-up dialog on the Desktop

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