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Welcome to the Office of Information Security & Privacy (OISP) Security Center. The purpose of this site is to inform users and support personnel of possible threats to Clemson University computing resources and to disseminate recovery information quickly so that minimum downtime is experienced. This site also serves as an information resource for security related to Clemson University and pertinent security news.

Phishing has become a major issue for us recently.  Giving up your credentials may cause disruptions in service or access to your account by others who shoudl not have access.  If you are unfamiliar with what phishing is, how it happens, or just want to know, take a little time to watch or read materials from the link(s) below:

You can follow us on twitter logoTwitter. We will send out notices and relevent security information via Twitter. If you already have a Twitter account just add clemsonoisp as someone you are following. If you don't have one, just join by clicking on clemsonoisp and clicking the 'Join Now' button in the upper right corner.

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