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The biggest threat to the internet user today is spyware. How many computers have you seen brought to it's knees by 20 toolbars, and a system try full of useless programs. Not counting the ones you don't see running in the background, and all of them are set to start up automatically. To keep your system clean and spyware free you need a good spyware scanner.

Here is a good list of recommended free utilities:

  • Ad-Aware 2007 Free [Windows] - This is one of the most popular, comprehensive spyware removal tools. Maintains a large blacklisted spyware database and identifies malicious program code for the best possible detection.
  • MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware [Windows]
  • Spybot - Search & Destroy [Windows, Linux/Unix with Wine support in ver. 1.5] - Uses deep scanning techniques to cleanse your system of the most obscure forms of spyware. Allows you to blacklist certain types of spyware in order to prevent it from showing up on your system again.
  • Zebra scanner [Mac] – Scans files for hidden agendas (e.g. a trojan disguised as an MP3 or image.) Notifies the user of the scanned files integrity. Does not contain a method for disinfecting the computer.
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