Service Level Management

This process is responsible for maintaining and improving IT Service quality through a constant cycle of agreeing, monitoring, and reporting to meet customers’ objectives. It provides us and our customers a clear and consistent understanding and expectation of the level of service required to provide a quality product.  The Service Catalog, Operational Level Agreements, Underpinning Contracts and Service Level Agreements are tools that enable this process.

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Service Level Management Process

ARCI Matrix:  The ARCI Matrix is a responsibility matrix model within a process or organization.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):  KPIs are Metrics used to help manage a Process, IT Service or Activity.

Fact Sheet

Process Overview


  • Service Catalog Entry Template
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA):  An Agreement between an IT Service Provider and a Customer. The SLA describes the IT Service, documents Service Level Targets, and specifies the responsibilities of the IT Service Provider and the Customer. A single SLA may cover multiple IT Services or multiple customers.
  • Operational Level Agreement (OLA): An Agreement between an IT Service Provider and another part of the same Business that provides Services to them. For example there could be an OLA with a facilities department to provide air conditioning, or with the procurement department to obtain hardware in agreed times. An OLA may also be between two parts of the same IT Service Provider, for example between the Service Desk and a Support Group
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