Service Notification System

The Service Notification System (SNS) is a joint development effort by Customer Relations & Learning Technologies and Computing, Systems and Operations to provided targeted communications with users of CCIT's 250+ production systems.

The SNS environment is intended to improve communications by allowing customers to subscribe to only those systems in which they are interested. Announcements include outages, decreased functionality and scheduled maintenance events. Additionally, customers can subscribe to receive specific building information such as network upgrades, electrical work and problems.

The new service breaks down production systems into categories, thereby simplifying the selection process. These categories of systems are:

  • Cyberinfrastructure Systems - Axion, Palmetto, Condor, etc
  • Departmental Systems - Department-specific systems hosted by CCIT
  • File & Storage Systems - Employee Home Directories, Student Home Directories, etc
  • Financial Systems - Billing, Procurement, Purchasing Card, etc
  • Help & Support Systems - IRIS, EMAN, TigerTrack, MySoft, SNS, etc
  • Human Resources Systems - Vacation, Leave Request, Timesheets, etc
  • Medicaid Systems - State of South Carolina Medicaid Systems
  • Messaging Systems - Exchange, BlackBerry Service, Google Mail, etc
  • Network Systems - DNS, DHCP, Campus Network, Wireless, etc
  • Printing Systems - Print Servers , iPrint
  • Security Systems - Virus Scanning, SPAM Filtering, etc
  • Student Systems - Degree Verification, Degree Progress, TigerWeb, etc
  • Teaching & Learning Systems - Course Management System, Podcast Production, etc
  • Telecommunications Systems - Telephone Service, Voice Mail, etc
  • Web Services - Web Content Management

Also available for subscription are all buildings at Clemson. These are broken down by Administrative, Athletics, Dining, Housing and Other.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, SNS allows you to have multiple email addresses notified in the event of outages or announcements. This means you can have your primary Clemson email account notified, plus an alternate account such as your cellular phone, handheld device, Google account etc. That way, you'll be sure to receive notifications if the campus mail systems are down.

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