TSP Consultant and Area Consultant Listing

This sets of pages list all of TSP Consultants in the administrative and academic areas of the University.

An Area Consultant, sometimes referred to as a College Consultant, is member of an College or Division-level IT support group. A Lead (Area) Consultant, serves as primary representative in their areas for IT support and direction. Lead Consultants can sponsor (or remove) providers or contacts or they can delegate this authority to others in their area.

Consultants have all the privileges and benefits of TSP Providers and are strongly encouraged to attend TSP Core Courses, at least once every two years. These courses are 60-90 minutes in length and centered around essential concepts such software licensing, campus IT policies and security, network basics, and distance education.

Listings for departments under the Distributed Support model:

  • Listings for Customer Support Center (Located in the University Library):
  • Other areas:

Listings for other departments: