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Kronos compatiblity matrix  (updated 3/19/2015)

Quick Solutions to Common Questions  

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  • What is the URL address for Kronos? 

  • Google dropping Chrome support for Java 

  • Chrome Browser no longer loads Java Plugin 

  • Add trusted websites to Internet Explorer 

  • Add trusted websites to Google Chrome 

  • How to set exceptions in Firefox 

  • How do I manage an untrusted Java application 

  • What is Kronos compatible with? 

    kronos compatiblity matrix
  • Java Heap Space error  

    Java Heap Space errors are usually a result of java running out of memory on the users computer. An example of this occurring would be if the computer does not have enough RAM (memory) due to a large number of programs like Excel being open.

    1. On a windows machine have the user check their memory usage by right clicking on the task bar at the bottom of their monitor, select start task manager, select the performance tab and view the memory usage.
    2. This issue can usually be resolved by logging out of Kronos and closing the browser.
    3. The user may need to reboot their computer, then log into Kronos.
  • An incorrect user name or password was entered. Please try again  

    If the user is attempting to login to Kronos but has been unsuccessful, make sure that the user name they are entering into Kronos is their Clemson primary user name in all lower case. PeopleSoft will allow for an upper or lower case user name, but Kronos will not. To access Kronos, their user name must be entered in lower case.

    1. The user may need to clear their browser cache.
    3. Select their browsers type, i.e. IE 8, which will take them to the step-by-step screen shot instructions. Close their browser, re-open browser, then try to login again. If they are still having issues they need to try restarting their computer.
    4. If they are still having trouble accessing Kronos after using lower case for their Clemson primary user name they need to send an email to (help desk will need to reset their password)
    5. If they are still having trouble accessing Kronos send the ticket to CCIT EA Kronos, in the subject line put: Kronos – verify security. In the description add that they have cleared their browser cache and they are entering their user name in all lower case, as well as the help desk has reset the password and the user is still having issue logging into Kronos.
  • An LDAP error is received while trying to log on  

    If the user is attempting to login to Kronos but receives and 'LDAP; error code 53' message, their account is probably locked in the account directory. Often this is caused by a user entering an incorrect password too many times or a mobile device attempting to login with an old, saved password. Please verify no mobiles devices are attempting to authenticate with an old password, and call the CCIT Support Center to have the lockout cleared. They can be reached at (864)656-3494.

  • Internet Explorer freezes after user logs into Kronos  

    Compatibility View will need to be set up prior to logging in to Kronos in order to stop IE from freezing. This only applies to Internet Explorer version 9

    1. Go to
    2. Click on the compatibility view icon in the address bar to activate Compatibility Mode.
    3. Log in to Kronos
    4. Go to Tools > Compatibility View (once you click on Compatiblity View it should have a check mark next to it)
    5. Go to Tools > Compatiblity View Settings. Within the Add this website field type: and click the Add button. Then click apply
    6. Go to Tools > Internet Options. Under the general tab select the box next to “Delete browsing history on exit”. Then click apply
    7. Go to Tools > Internet Options. On the security tab click on Trusted Sites, then click on the Sites button. In the Add this website to the zone field type: htts:// and click the Add button.
  • User cannot make edits in a signed off pay period  

    User is not able to punch in the times they are clocking in (not registering in the system)

    1. Ask user to verify that their supervisor has not approved “current Pay Period”. This is a common error that will result in employees not being able to clock in or add punches. The manager that approved the timecard MUST be the manager to remove approval.
  • User cannot login to Kronos using the Kronos mobile app 

    1. The Kronos mobile app requires a license. Submit a ticket to CCIT EA Kronos.
  • Kronos timeclock connectivity issue 

    Ask if the timeclock is an Aramark timeclock or a Clemson timeclock.

    1. Send Clemson timeclock issues to CCIT EA Kronos.
    2. Tiru Chabba needs to be cc: on issues with Aramark timeclocks. (
    3. Aramark timeclocks having a network issue need to be sent to the networking group.
    4. Aramark timeclock locations:
      Canteen Chili’s Too
      Clemson House
      Einstein Bros
      Fernow Street Café
      Harcombe Dining Hall
      Hendrix Food Court
      Java City
      P.O.D. at Brackett Hall
      P.O.D. at Cooper Library
      P.O.D. at Harcombe
      P.O.D. at Hendrix Student Center
      Schilletter Dining Hall
      Seasons by the Lake
  • All other issues after logging into Kronos  

    Gather the following information and submit a ithelp ticket to CCIT EA Kronos:

    1. userID and name
    2. description of the issue are they having
    3. when did they first begin having these issues. Include date(s) and time(s) if possible.
    4. what browser(s) are they using – is it one of the compatible browsers
    5. has java been checked – is it one of the compatible versions of java
    6. has compatibility view settings been set up
    7. have they cleared their cache
    8. after logging into Kronos what did they do/where did they go before receiving the error
    9. attach a screen shot of the error to the ticket, and type the error message into the body of the email/tiger tracks ticket
    10. find out what web server they are logging into
    11. after logging out of Kronos
    12. in IE, right click on the Kronos log on screen, click on view source
    13. in Firefox, right click on the Kronos log on screen, click on view page source
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