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Mark A. Schlautman

Mark. A. SchlautmanProfessor
165 Rich Lab, 342 Computer Court
Anderson, SC 29625-6510
FAX 864.656.0672
445A Brackett Hall
Clemson, SC 29634

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan, 1992-1994
Ph.D. Environmental Engineering Science, California Institute of Technology, 1992
M.S. Environmental Engineering Science, California Institute of Technology, 1987
B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1984

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Faculty Overview

Dr. Schlautman’s teaching and research interests lie at the intersections of the broadly-defined fields of environmental engineering, environmental science, hydrology, geology, and soil science. Thus, his areas of expertise are often identified as being environmental geochemistry, hydrochemistry, and/or physicochemical treatment processes. Dr. Schlautman’s interests span both natural and engineered environmental systems, including natural waters (e.g., streams, lakes, groundwaters) and near-surface geologic environments (e.g., soils, sediments, aquifers), pollutant remediation sites, and water/wastewater treatment plants. Common goals of his research projects are to gain a better understanding of the transport, fate, reactivity, and bioavailability of beneficial and toxic materials, including point and nonpoint source pollutants, in these different environmental systems. To obtain solutions to complex environmental problems, Dr. Schlautman collaborates with other researchers having complementary skills (e.g., biological processes, advanced computer modeling). In addition to his primary academic appointment in EEES, his other Clemson University appointments include the Clemson Experiment Station, the graduate faculty for Environmental Toxicology, the Institute of Environmental Toxicology, and the Clemson Environmental Institute. Dr. Schlautman is a faculty advisor for the Clemson University student chapter of Engineers Without Borders, with projects focused primarily on developing communities in Central America and West Africa. He is a past recipient of a National Science Foundation CAREER Award.

Class Information

For current syllabi, please search the Clemson University Syllabus Repository.

EES 4010/6010 Environmental Engineering
EES 4020/6020 Water and Waste Treatment Systems
EES 4850/6850 Hazardous Waste Management
EES 8060 Process and Facility Design for Environmental Control Systems
EES/GEOL 8460 Inorganic Environmental Geochemistry
ENGR 4900
 Creative Inquiry (International Design Projects with Engineers Without Borders)

Selected Publications

Albayrak, R.F., Post, C.J., Mikhailova, E.A., Schlautman, M.A., Zurqani, H.A., Green, A.R., Minerva, P., 2020. Age and site index evaluations for loblolly pine in urban environments. Urban For. Urban Green. 47, 126517.

Mikhailova, E.A., Groshans, G.R., Post, C.J., Schlautman, M.A., Post, G.C., 2019a. Valuation of Soil Organic Carbon Stocks in the Contiguous United States Based on the Avoided Social Cost of Carbon Emissions. Resources 8, 153.

Mikhailova, E.A., Post, C.J., Gerard, P.D., Schlautman, M.A., Cope, M.P., Groshans, G.R., Stiglitz, R.Y., Zurqani, H.A., Galbraith, J.M., 2019b. Comparing Field Sampling and Soil Survey Database for Spatial Heterogeneity in Surface Soil Granulometry: Implications for Ecosystem Services Assessment. Front. Environ. Sci. 7, 128.

Mikhailova, E.A., Zurqani, H.A., Post, C.J., Schlautman, M.A., 2020. Assessing Ecosystem Services of Atmospheric Calcium and Magnesium Deposition for Potential Soil Inorganic Carbon Sequestration. Geosciences 10, 200.

Zurqani, H.A., Mikhailova, E.A., Post, C.J., Schlautman, M.A., Elhawej, A.R., 2019. A Review of Libyan Soil Databases for Use within an Ecosystem Services Framework. Land 8, 82.

Groshans, G., Mikhailova, E., Post, C., Schlautman, M., Carbajales-Dale, P., Payne, K., Groshans, G., Mikhailova, E., Post, C., Schlautman, M., Carbajales-Dale, P., Payne, K., 2019. Digital Story Map Learning for STEM Disciplines. Educ. Sci. 9, 75. doi:10.3390/educsci9020075

Mikhailova, E., Post, C., Schlautman, M., Groshans, G., Cope, M., Zhang, L., 2019. A Systems-Based Approach to Ecosystem Services Valuation of Various Atmospheric Calcium Deposition Flows. Resources 8, 66. doi:10.3390/resources8020066

Mikhailova, E.A., Post, G.C., Cope, M.P., Post, C.J., Schlautman, M.A., Zhang, L., 2019. Quantifying and Mapping Atmospheric Potassium Deposition for Soil Ecosystem Services Assessment in the United States. Front. Environ. Sci. 7, 74. doi:10.3389/fenvs.2019.00074

Cope, M.P., Mikhailova, E.A., Post, C.J., Schlautman, M.A., Carbajales-Dale, P., 2018. Developing and Evaluating an ESRI Story Map as an Educational Tool. Nat. Sci. Educ. 47, 0. doi:10.4195/nse2018.04.0008

Chandler, R., A. Mikhailova, E., J. Post, C., M. J. Moysey, S., Schlautman, M.A., Sharp, J.L., Motallebi, M., 2018. Integrating soil analyses with frameworks for ecosystem services and organizational hierarchy of soil systems. Commun. Soil Sci. Plant Anal. 49, 1835–1843. doi:10.1080/00103624.2018.1474919


Awards & Honors

Clemson University, Board of Trustees Award for Faculty Excellence (2006)

Clemson University, Certificate of Excellence for Research Accomplishments (2003)

Marquis Who’s Who in Science and Engineering: 8th – 10th Editions (2005-2009)

Marquis Who’s Who in America: 60th Edition (2006)

Marquis Who’s Who in the World: 23rd – 24th Editions (2006-2007)

National Science Foundation, Early CAREER Award (1999)