Translational Genomics Certificate Program

The College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences, in collaboration with the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences and the College of Science, is pleased to offer a certificate program in translational genomics. The primary focus of the program will be to address critical and cutting-edge educational and curricular needs for advanced undergraduate and graduate students.

Through this program, undergraduate and graduate students will be exposed to the latest classwork, research experiences, and networks to establish an expertise in genomics and computational sciences which will address critical problems in agriculture, environmental health, nutrition, and human health.

The program is primarily designed for students within CAFLS, but is also applicable to students in other colleges.

Curriculum Requirements

(must include specific course work)

Undergraduate students must complete a total of 4 courses (12 credit hours) while graduate students must complete a total of 6 courses (14 credit hours)

  • Core Courses select 2 of the following 3 courses
    BIOL 6030 - Introduction to Applied Genomics
    GEN 6400 - Bioinformatics
    GEN 6100 - Population and Quantitative Genetics

  • Journal Club select 2 of the following 3 courses (required for graduate students only)
    GEN 8900 - Special Topics in Genetics
    PES 8060 - Special Problems in Plant Sciences
    STAT 8110 - Special Problems in Experimental Statistics

  • Two additional courses select 2 courses (6 hours) from the following list
    AVS 6700 - Animal Genetics
    BIOL 8020 - Conservation Genetics (will be ENT 8100 in the future)
    CPSC 6550 - Computational Science
    CPSC 6620 - Database Management Systems
    GEN 6500 - Comparative Genetics
    GEN 8100 - Principles of Molecular Biology
    GEN 8140 - Advanced Genetics
    HCG 9050 - Genomics, Ethics, and Health Policy
    MATH 8040 - Statistical Inference
    MATH 8050 - Data Analysis
    MICR 8150 - Advanced Microbial Genetics
    PES 6050 -Plant Breeding
    PES 6450 - Regulatory Issues and Policies
    PES 8040 - Theory and Methods of Plant Breeding
    PES 8500 - Agricultural Biotechnology
    STAT 8190 - Biostatistics

Please see "Translational Genomics Certificate Program" listed on the Tuition and Fee Schedules

Students successfully completing this certificate will be proficient in the following:

Relevant experimental design - comprehensive application of genomics analytical techniques relevant to experimental designs

Data and datasets as accessible resources - basic principles of dataset management and access for computational genomics data

Beyond data as bits of information - connection between fundamental biology principles and applied research objectives linking genomics data to phenotype variation and contribution of environmental factors                                                 

Sophisticated problem solving skills to address real challenges - synthesize concepts bridging academic knowledge across the disciplines of genomics, statistics, and computational biology to address grand challenges impacting South Carolina, the Southeastern US, the nation, and the world.


Stephen Kresovich
The Robert and Lois Coker Trustees Chair of Genetics
Director, Institute of Translational Genomics

(864) 656-1194

318 Biosystems Research Complex
105 Collings Street
Clemson University
Clemson, South Carolina 29631