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Discovery and innovation to quicken with supercomputer’s $1 million upgrade

Lindsay Shuller-Nickles’ research group is a heavy user of Clemson University’s Palmetto cluster, which ranks in the top eight U.S. academic supercomputers according to the Top500 ranking. The supercomputer enables Dr. Shuller-Nickles and her students to study nuclear materials at an atomic level. Dr. Shuller-Nickles was recently involved in the successful NSF MRI award to add $1M to the Palmetto cluster. Read more.

Student Awarded Top Prize in Nuclear Technology R&D Awards

Dawn Montgomery, PhD student in Environmental Engineering and Science, was awarded a first place prize in the Innovations in Nuclear Technology R&D Awards sponsored by the US Department of Energy for her publication in the Journal of Environmental Radioactivity entitled, “The Influence of Citrate and Oxalate on 99TcVII, Cs, NpV and UVI Sorption to a Savannah River Site Soil.” Read more.

New biosensor could help search for nuclear activity

Research aimed at creating a new biosensor that would help military investigators search for signs of nuclear activities, including weapons development, is moving forward under the leadership of a former naval officer who now is a Clemson University faculty member. Nicole Martinez and her team are beginning to lay the groundwork for a biosensor that could help determine whether the radiation is natural or manmade and peaceful or weapons grade. It could help investigators search for labs amid concerns a nation or group could illicitly develop weapons of mass destruction. Read more.