We are an interdisciplinary research group interested in a broad range of fundamental and applied aspects of materials chemistry in general, and macromolecular science in particular. Current efforts are geared towards: design and synthesis of stimuli-responsive polymers and understanding molecular level events governing their behavior in various environments; synthesis of adoptable shape morphology heterogeneous nanoparticles and other nano-objects; design of self-repairing polymeric systems with light sensitivity, corrosion inhibition, anti-fouling, and other unique attributes; design of surface/interfacial reactions on polymeric substrates that lead to stimuli-responsiveness. Using chemical imaging as a tool, we design, develop, and formulate clever, environmentally benign materials attractive for many branches of technologies.

Stimuli-Responsive Materials

Self-Repairing Materials

Heterogeneous Radical Synthesis

Surface and Interfacial Polymer Science