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Graduate Studies

Graduate Programs

Graduate study is much more than a continuation of undergraduate work. Its true spirit is one of inquiry and the desire to add to human knowledge. Graduate study, therefore, should be contemplated only by students who have already demonstrated in their undergraduate programs unusual intellectual attainments and the power of independent thought and investigation.

mse research portfolioThe Materials Science and Engineering program prepares graduate students to apply science and engineering principles to solve problems related to the scientific understanding, characterization, and development of new technology necessary for the processing and manufacturing of different materials and related products. The Graduate Manual outlines the requirements for the Materials Science & Engineering graduate degrees.

Degrees Offered

The Department offers MS (thesis and non-thesis) and Ph.D. degrees in Materials Science & Engineering.

The MS Thesis program requires eight courses (3 credits each), six credit hours of research, a thesis, and an oral defense of the thesis.

The MS Non-thesis program requires ten courses (3 credits each) and a written report.

Fellowships and Awards

The Clemson Graduate School has tremendous confidence in the academic and research capabilities of our students. We believe our graduate students are and can be, highly competitive for national fellowship awards. We encourage them to apply for these awards. To make the process easier and to help you submit top-quality fellowship applications, the Graduate School is providing a variety of tools, resources, and incentives.

Graduate Fellowships



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