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Materials Science and Engineering

Ways to Give

Giving to Clemson: The Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Our mission is to support research and learning in advanced materials, driving innovation to create the next-generation workforce of engineers and scientists in the broad areas of advanced manufacturing, energy and health innovation.

Donors to the Materials Science and Engineering Department can help us to recruit and retain top talent, sustain high academic standards, and further drive innovation in advanced materials. Our overarching goal is to be the nation’s premier cross-disciplinary advanced materials innovation, education and research enterprise. The success of this goal will propel the advanced materials research at Clemson University. For more information on these giving opportunities, please contact Doug Gray, Senior Director of Development.

Student in AMRL in Anderson

Teaching & Technology

Through generous gifts, you allow us to keep our research and teaching facilities as state-of-the-art laboratories that maximize resources and collaboration, creating ancillary unions between science and engineering that increase research competitiveness.

2 students in Foulger lab

Scholarships and Fellowships for Students

Our program provides opportunities for interaction between students and faculty to enhance research and learning in advanced materials and drive innovation for the next-generation workforce of engineers and scientists. Your gifts help to recruit a broader selection of diverse students.

Female graduate student in lab with Urban

Academic Support

Our active learning spaces and unique research opportunities capture the imagination of students who wish to change the world. Your support enables our students to engage in novel and transformative basic and applied collaborative research on advanced materials and reinforces the University’s historical stewardship of the public trust.

You can support the Materials Science and Engineering Department by making a financial gift to a specific fund from the list of designations. In addition to the list below, several other options are available to make a gift and create a legacy at MSE. To make an online gift, please register with the Clemson Alumni Association.