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Research inside of Marek Urban's lab.
Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Continued Growth

Advanced materials are new types of materials, often developed with cutting-edge technologies, that have unique properties, making them useful in a wide range of applications. They help make lasers more powerful, cars and planes more fuel efficient, sustainable energy, and more reliable and economically viable.

For South Carolina, hundreds of advanced materials companies call the state home and produce nearly $900 million in capital investment in the state. With its innovative, entrepreneurial faculty, Clemson is well-positioned to support continued growth in the industry while providing the next generation of talent for academia and government service.

Urban with students in lab.
Graduate student in Brinkman lab.
Up close of lab equipment

Academic Excellence

Our programs allow students to link material performance to atomic structure, resulting in a comprehensive B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. degree. Faculty specializations include advanced manufacturing, biomaterials, ceramics for energy conversion, nuclear materials, multicomponent fiber materials, liquid crystals, photonics, and thermodynamics. Hands-on research is emphasized throughout each program.

Student organizations include the Materials Research Society and the Material Advantage organization, which both facilitate the communication of ideas via opportunities such as trips to national conferences, yearly competitions, and networking with professionals.

Undergraduate Program Graduate Programs

MSE Notes

News & Celebrations

The Department of Materials Science & Engineering would like to recognize our students, faculty, and staff for their continued pursuit of making a lasting impact on the future.

News & Celebrations

Clemson has a long tradition of research and education in ceramics going back more than 75 years, and we are well-positioned to support continued growth in the industry while providing the next generation of talent.

Schmersal TGC award winner at CU-ICAR Deep Orange ribbon cutting.

Lasting Impacts

The Materials Science & Engineering Department recognizes that our alumni and friends make significant contributions to their professions and society as a whole. They continue to bring distinction to the department, and our success is in part due to the accomplishments and support of our alumni.

Many of the issues we face in our society - energy generation and sustainability - depend on overcoming challenges in the development and manufacture of new materials.

Brinkman profile

“The defining feature of advanced materials at Clemson is the ability to span the range from basic science to applied research and device creation to maximize the impact on society. Our programming prepares students with an innovative, entrepreneurial mindset so they will be ready for the growing number of advanced materials opportunities in South Carolina and beyond.”

Kyle Brinkman
Department Chair

AMIC Building

A new Advanced Materials Innovation Complex will feature state-of-the-art laboratory space to support research and learning in advanced manufacturing, energy and health innovation. It will be the marquee facility on campus, with 100% of the students accessing the facility will be conducting research.

AMIC Progress
AMIC Building


The Call Me Doctor ESTEEMED Scholars Program is aimed at first- and second-year students, allowing them to conduct research during their first two years. The new program is designed to help students build confidence, create a STEM identity, and establish a network of peers, faculty and administrators to support their academic journey. The program is open to students in bioengineering and bioengineering-related disciplines, including chemical engineering and materials science and engineering.

Scholars Program
Department of Materials Science & Engineering
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