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Materials Science and Engineering

Research Centers

Optics research at COMSET facility


The Center for Optical Materials Science and Engineering Technologies provides a centralized infrastructure to collaborate in developing advanced materials, devices, and systems that generate, transmit, manipulate and utilize light.


Electron Microscopy

The Electron Microscopy Facility attracts clients from aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, textile, electronics, environmental and medical industries. The affordable cost, wide range of capabilities and minimum wait time make the facility very attractive to area researchers.

EM Lab
At Electron Microscopy Facility using equipment.
Up close of person touching fibers from spool


The Center for Advanced Engineering Fibers and Films comprises a partnership between Clemson University and MIT that provides an integrated research and education environment for the systems-oriented study of fibers and films.


National Brick Research

The National Brick Research Center provides research, education, and service to producers and users of clay bricks and other ceramic materials (tile, mortar, and ceramics). The Center offers analytical and physical testing within the Bishop Materials Laboratory.

National Brick Research
Brick Center exterior
Inside composite research area of CU-ICAR


The Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research campus is a global venue for the automotive industry. Driven by industry needs, the center analyzes the market and surveys industry partners, industry leaders and automotive companies to determine their technology and R&D focus.


Warren Lasch

The Warren Lasch Conservation Center's integrated approach involves conservation practice, archaeology, architecture, and materials science working together to solve preservation challenges; the facility houses a state-of-the-art materials analysis, characterization and documentation laboratory.

Warren Lasch Conservation Center exterior in N. Charleston region