It's Time to Get Ready for a Fall Garden!

J. McLeod Scott
Home & Garden Information Center

While it may seem that summer has only just arrived when we know that we still have the dog days of July and August to survive, the reality is that before very long, cooler days will be more than just wishful thinking. As such, it is definitely not too early to start planning a fall garden. Throughout most of South Carolina, there is plenty of time for many heat-loving vegetables (including tomatoes, okra, peppers,cucumbers, eggplant and summer squash) to be planted, harvested and enjoyed before a killing freeze hits. In addition, there are many cool-season vegetables (including carrots, lettuce, cabbage and other cole crops) that grow best when the temperatures cool down.

When considering vegetables for a fall garden, it is important to know how many days they take to reach maturity as well as when to expect the first freeze. A handy resource for determining appropriate planting dates in your area of South Carolina is available at HGIC 1256, Planning a Garden.

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