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Double-Flowered Gardenia angusta bloom
Double-flowered Gardenia angusta bloom
Karen Russ, 2008 HGIC, Clemson University

Gardenias- With their wonderfully fragrant blossoms and lustrous, dark green leaves, gardenias (Gardenia angusta, previously known as G. jasminoides) are popular shrubs with many southern gardeners. Their positive qualities compensate to a large extent for the fact that gardenias are somewhat high-maintenance plants with fairly specific cultural requirements. In addition to problems resulting from improper growing conditions, gardenias are also susceptible to several diseases, insect pests and other problems. For information on gardenia diseases, as well as nutritional and environmental problems, see HGIC 2058, Gardenia Diseases & Other Problems.  For information on insects and related pests that attack gardenias, see HGIC 2059, Gardenia Insects & Related Pests.

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