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Janis Hunter,
Home & Garden Information Center

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A key to a healthy New Year is balancing healthful food choices with regular physical activity. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) released a new online nutrition SuperTracker just in time to help Americans keep their New Year’s resolutions to eat healthfully, become more physically active and manage their weight.


MyPlate, the latest USDA food guide on how and what to eat, reminds you to make good food choices every day, and SuperTracker has the tools to help you do it. This free, on-line tool is available at

What can you do with SuperTracker?

The SuperTracker lets you perform a variety of tasks. For example, you can quickly look up the nutrient content of a food, compare two foods, or plan, analyze and track your diet and physical activity over time while working toward a long-term goal.

Here are some specific tasks that you can accomplish through SuperTracker.

 Personalize a nutrition & physical activity plan: SuperTracker shows you what and how much you should eat and how much physical activity you need. It provides a personalized nutrition and physical activity plan to track what you eat and see how it compares to what you should be eating according to the MyPlate food groups, important nutrients and your calorie allowance.

You also can enter your physical activities and track your progress as you move. Watch your minutes add up and learn more about the health benefits of your physical activity.

Find & track foods & physical activities: You can choose from an expanded database of over 8,000 foods and nearly 800 physical activities, then save favorites and build combos for easy entry.

Compare personal food choices: SuperTracker compares what you eat to the recommendations of the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans and assesses your personal physical activities based on the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.

Customize a plan based on personal goals:

  • My Top 5 Goals: Choose up to five personal goals and sign up for My Coach Center to get tips and support from a virtual coach.
  • My Weight Manager: Get weight management pointers, enter weight and track progress over time, compare weight history to trends in your calorie intake and physical activity.
  • My Journal: Journal about your progress by quickly jotting down notes and tracking factors of personal importance that may be associated with changes in your health behaviors and your weight (e.g. mood and where a meal was eaten).

 Measure progress: You can measure your progress with six reports, ranging from a simple meal summary to in-depth analysis of food groups and nutrient intakes over time.

 Tap into social media: Using social media may motivate you to make health behavior changes. You can share your successes and helpful tips with family and friends in your existing social networks and help them get started with SuperTracker. You also may share on Twitter how SuperTracker is helping you to make better choices for good health.

This easy-to-use, interactive website replaces Food Tracker, Food Planner and My Food-A-Pedia, which will be phased out in Spring 2012. Users of those tools should transfer to SuperTracker.

SuperTracker was designed to help Americans make life changes to maintain a healthy weight and reduce our risks of chronic disease. It supports USDA’s consumer message, Enjoy Your Food, But Eat Less. Visit for a variety of nutrition information on the MyPlate food groups.

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