Fish Safety

Adair P. Hoover,
Home & Garden Information Center

In South Carolina, where water is everywhere, fishing is a major summer activity.  We have lakes, streams, rivers, oceans and canals and they are filled with a variety of fish and seafood. These fish and seafood come in all sorts of sizes and shapes but they all have one thing in common. They are acclimated to an environment that is cooler than outdoor summer temperatures and will quickly degrade when taken out of the water.

With fish, the number one food safety rule is ICE.  The faster you can chill them the better they will be. The only way to ensure that your fresh catch retains the highest quality and is safe to eat is to immediately pack them in ice. In fact they should be buried in ice. For detailed information on handling fresh fish, see HGIC 3604 Fresh-Caught Fish.

Happy fishing!

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