Crape Myrtle Varieties

Prepared by Paul Thompson, County Extension Agent, Berkeley & Dorchester Counties; F. Brian Smith, County Extension Agent, Charleston County; and Mark Arena, Area Extension Agent, Berkeley, Charleston & Dorchester Counties, Clemson University. (New 01/01. Revised 04/05.)

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Crape Myrtle Varieties 10 Feet or Less in Height
Chickasaw Pink N/A Shrub 3 ft Yes
Centennial Purple N/A Shrub 4 ft No
Victor Deep Red N/A Shrub 5 ft No
Caddo Pink Cinnamon Spreading 7 ft Yes
Hopi Light Pink Gray-Brown Spreading 9 ft Yes
Pecos Clear Med. Pink Dark Brown Spreading 9 ft Yes
Zuni Med. Lavender Lt. Brown-Gray Spreading 9 ft Yes
Tonto Dark Fuchsia Light Cream Globose 9 ft Yes
Cherokee Bright Red Silvery Gray Globose 10 ft No

Crape Myrtle Varieties 11 to 15 Feet in Height
Acoma White Lt. Gray-Brown Spreading 15 ft Yes
Comanchee Dark Coral Pink Lt. Sandalwood Upright 15 ft Yes
Lipan Med. Lavender Near White Upright 15 ft Yes
Osage Clear Pink Dark Brown Pendulous 15 ft Yes
Sioux Intense Dark Pink Med. Gray-Brown Upright 15 ft Yes
Yuma Lavender Bicolor Silvery Gray Upright 15 ft No

Crape Myrtle Varieties 16 to 20 Feet in Height
*Townhouse is a selection from a Fauriei seedling.
Seminole Med.Pink Silvery-Gray Globose 17 ft No
Tuskegee Dark Rose Lt. Gray-Tan Spreading 17 ft Yes
Potomac Clear Med. Pink Silvery Gray Arching 18 ft No
Catawba Dark Purple Silvery Gray Upright 19 ft No
Conestoga Lavender Bicolor Silvery Gray Arching 19 ft No
Apalachee Lt. Lavender Med. Brown Upright 19 ft Yes
Townhouse White Dark Cinnamon Spreading 20 ft *
Powhatan Lt. Lavender Silvery Gray Upright 20 ft No

Crape Myrtle Varieties 21 to 25 Feet in Height
Tuscarora Dark Coral Pink Lt. Brown Broad Vase 23 ft Yes
Miami Dark Pink Dark Brown Upright 25 ft Yes
Wichita Light Magenta Dark Brown Vase 25 ft Yes

Crape Myrtle Varieties 26 to 30 Feet in Height
Choctaw Clear Pink Lt. Cinnamon Globose 27 ft Yes
Biloxi Pale Pink Dark Brown Vase 27 ft Yes

Crape Myrtle Varieties Over 30 Feet in Height
Muskogee Lt. Lavender Lt. Gray-Brown Broad Upright 35 ft Yes
Natchez White Cinnamon Broad Upright 35 ft Yes
Fantasy White Cinnamon Broad Upright 35 ft No
Fauriei species White Cinnamon Broad Upright 35 to 50 ft No

Additional information, including photographs of many cultivars, is available at the Crepe Myrtle Varieties Web site at

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