Veterinary Diagnostic Center Staff





Thomas Brown Director Clemson Veterinary Diagnostic Center 803-726-7844
Alana Cann Laboratory Technologist III 803-726-7836
Diane Davis Microbiologist II 803-726-7834
Dillon Everett Laboratory Technologist l 803-726-7831
Julie Helm Poultry Veterinarian 803-726-7802
Gilbert Johnson Quality Manager 803 726-7829
Radhika Kakani Section Head, Diagnostic Microbiology 803-726-7835
Jennifer Newman Laboratory Technologist III 803-726-7838
Frances Pearsall Laboratory Technologist lll 803-726-7833
Guillermo Rimoldi Veterinary Anatomic Pathologist 803-726-7828
Douglas Smith Diagnostician 803-726-7830
Willa Stephens Administrative Assistant 803-726-7826
Shekia Thompson Laboratory Technologist I 803-726-7843
Jill Washabau Laboratory Technologist III 803-726-7837
Jo Williams Laboratory Technologist II 803-726-7806

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