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Postdoc Resources

To enhance your postdoctoral experience, we have included several helpful resources below. Click on the links to visit the corresponding page.

New Postdocs
This page details what you should plan to do before and upon your arrival at Clemson University. This list is just a guideline and may not include all information.  Your Human Resource (HR) representative can help ensure you complete all requirements. Download the Clemson University Postdoctoral Handbook.

Career Development
This page includes links to career assessment tools that can assist you in better understanding your own abilities, determining career possibilities and setting professional development objectives.

Networking Opportunities
This page details opportunities on campus, within the community and beyond to network with colleagues through events, societies, conferences and volunteer opportunities. Membership information on the National Postdoctoral Association along with tips for improving and cultivating your professional relationships can be found here as well.

Information about the City of Clemson
Here you'll find links to the City's official website as well as surrounding cities. Links to information on housing, schools and child care, transportation and banking are included as well.