Crosslisting and FERPA

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Sections are set up to prevent student directory information from being viewed by students not enrolled in the same section, when crosslisted. If you have a student who has opted out of sharing directory information, the Registrar will contact you to inform you of the student.

There are several features where extra precaution must be taken to ensure that directory information is protected. If you use the following features in your course, the guides below will ensure you remain FERPA compliant while utilizing crosslisting.

Chat, Conferences: If you have crosslisted courses, the tools must remain disabled.

Discussions: If you have graded discussions in the course, review the guide How do I assign a graded discussion to a course section? You will need to ensure each section has a different discussion to ensure students in different sections do not interact.

If a discussion is ungraded, you will need to manually create groups for each section and then assign the discussion to a particular group. View the guides on how to manually create groups and how to create a group discussion.

Pages: Pages has a setting in which you can modify the role of who can edit a page. If you have crosslisted courses, the setting must remain as Only teachers.