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Canvas Top Ten

The Top 10 Questions asked about Canvas.

Number 10 Canvas Question

How do I move my course content from one semester to the new semester's course shell?


Video Coming Soon! Here is a guide to help you: Copying Course Content

Number 9 Canvas Question

How do I add a column in the gradebook?


Number 8 Canvas Question

How can I add a video to my Canvas Course?


You can embed videos straight from your Ensemble library into your Canvas Course. Check out this video tutorial.

Number 7 Canvas Questions

Why can't I send an e-mail to my students through Canvas?


You can. However, if you are not receiving a copy of the e-mail in your inbox, you may not have your Canvas notifications set correctly.

Why are my students not getting notifications or receiving e-mails from Canvas?


Your students probably are receiving the messages and notifications you send through Canvas. However, they may not have their notifications set correctly.

Notification Settings in Canvas

Number 6 Canvas Question

Can I modify or hide items in the course navigation menu?


Yes, you can modify items in the course navigation menu. Check out this tutorial video:

Number 5 Canvas Question

How do I grade in Canvas?


You can grade either in Speedgrader or in the Gradebook.

Here is a guide for Speedgrader

Here is a guide for Grading in the Gradebook

Number 4 Canvas Question

Where is my content?


At the beginning of each new semester, you may see that your current course in Canvas is empty. Don't worry! Your content can be found in the prior course. All you need to do is copy the content from the previous course into the new course shell. Here is a guide to help you: Copying Course Content.

Number 3 Canvas Question

Who made the decision to move to Canvas?


Faculty and students asked for a formal investigation of alternatives, and Canvas was objectively the best choice for Clemson. In 2013, the Academic Technology Council conducted a survey of 345 faculty members. Results indicated that participants desired an alternative solution to Blackboard. After an initial pilot of Canvas in 2014, survey results from 115 faculty and students indicated that the majority of participants favored transitioning from Blackboard to Canvas if possible. Since then, a formal procurement process put bids for multiple LMS options in competition with one another. The evaluation committee selected Canvas in consideration of Clemson's academic and technical infrastructure as well as under the guidance of state criteria.

Number 2 Canvas Question

Why did we move to Canvas?


Canvas is a cloud-based LMS that is openly customizable for developers, intuitive for users to navigate, and robustly supported by its provider. Pilot users have indicated that Canvas is easier to learn and use than other LMS software. Instructure, the company behind Canvas, actively works with developers to open and enhance their API in order to position Canvas as a simple platform for building custom integrations and applications. Instructure also cultivates an active community of users and experts to support one another via the Canvas Community and Canvas Commons.

AND, the Number 1 Canvas Question

Where is my course?


If your course does not show on your dashboard, it is probably listed under "All Courses." Here is a video tutorial on adding a course to your dashboard