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Study Abroad

Summer in Spain

Pamplona Bioethics Summer Study Abroad Program

Exceptional study abroad opportunity for future engineers, scientists, and health care professionals exploring bioethics: Five-week program at Pamplona Learning Spanish Institute offers two courses: 1) International Perspectives in Bioethics (3 hrs.), taught by international leaders in bioethics, includes tours of biomedical facilities. 2) Spanish Culture/International Studies (3 hrs.), immersive language and cultural lectures, numerous tours and day trips to local and regional sites. Students enroll for three credits in International Special Research Topics in Bioengineering (BIOE4610) and three credits in International Internship in Bioengineering (BIOE2100).

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Dr. John D. DesJardins
Robert B. and Susan B. Hambright Leadership Associate Professor


Summer Bioengineering Research in Japan

The Summer Undergraduate Bioengineering Research in Japan program will provide research experience for Clemson students in world-class bioengineering research laboratories at the University of Tokyo or Kansai University in Osaka under a formal agreement of academic exchange between the two institutions. Students will conduct mentored research in laboratories that best match their interests and prior experience to maximize productivity and impact on the students' career goals. Through mentoring by the faculty leader, Dr. Jiro Nagatomi, and the personnel of the host laboratory, participating students will learn to work with a team, understand how technological advances are made through research conducted by interdisciplinary teams of scientists, develop laboratory skills including recording data recording and keeping a lab notebook, build hypotheses and frame research questions, and communicate results in oral and written formats. Each student will be paired with a Japanese graduate research mentor/tutor, who will work side-by-side with the student in the laboratory and introduce the student to life outside the university.

Mentored Bioengineering Research
6 credits: BIOE 4600
Dates: University of Tokyo or Kansai University, Osaka
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Dr. Jiro Nagatomi

Dr. John Desjardins
Robert B. and Susan B. Hambright Leadership Associate Professor