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Dr. Nigel B. Kaye

Professor of Civil Engineering

Areas of Interest:
Environmental fluid mechanics
Wind-borne debris flight
Wild-fire spread
Heat and pollutant transport in buildings
Mixing in stratified flows
Buoyancy-driven shear flows

Research Page

B.E., 1994 University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
Ph.D., 1998, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Classes typically taught:
CE 3410 - Applied Fluid Mechanics
CE 4910/6910 – Stormwater Management
CE 8680 – Advanced Environmental Fluid Mechanics

Professional Society Membership:
American Society of Civil Engineers
American Physical Society
Americas Association for Wind Engineering
International Association for Fire Safety Science

Sample Publications:

      1. Martin, W. D., Kaye, N. B., & Mohammadi, S. “A physics-based routing model for modular green roof systems” Proceedings of ICE – Water Management 173(3), pp. 142-151, (2020).
      2. Hodges, Jonathan, Saylor, J. R., and Kaye, Nigel “A Comparison of the Diurnal Variation in Lake Surface Temperature for the Five Major Lakes of the Savannah River Basin,” Journal of South Carolina Water Resources: 6(1), pp. 18-27, (2020).
      3. Green, A. & Kaye, N. B. “On the use of sprays to intercept airborne embers during wildfires” Fire Safety Journal 108 (2019)
      4. Linvill, D., Tallapragada, M., & Kaye, N. B. “Engineering identity and communication outcomes: Comparing integrated engineering and traditional public speaking courses” Communication Education, 68(3) pp. 308—327 doi:10.1080/03634523.2019.1608367  (2019)
      5. Kaye, N. B & Cooper, P. “Source and boundary condition effects on unconfined and confined vertically distributed turbulent plumes” Journal of Fluid Mechanics 850 1032-1065 (2018)
      6. Kaye, N. B. & Baratain-Ghorghi, Z. “The role of ambient turbulence in dense gas dispersion from confined urban regions” S.C.E. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 144(2) (2018)
      7. Tohidi, A. & Kaye, N. B. “Stochastic Modeling of Firebrand Shower Scenarios” Fire Safety Journal 91 91-102 (2017)
      8. Tohidi, A. & Kaye, N. B. “Aerodynamic characterization of rod-like debris with application to firebrand transport” Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics 168 297-311 (2017)
      9. Tohidi, A. & Kaye, N. B. “Comprehensive wind tunnel experiments of lofting and downwind transport of non-combusting rod-like model firebrands during firebrand shower scenarios” Fire Safety Journal 90 95-111 (2017) – Editor-in-Chief’s Featured Article for June 2017.
      10. Afrin T., Kaye, N. B., Khan, A. A., & Testik, F. Y. “Numerical investigation of free overfall from a circular pipe flowing full upstream” S.C.E. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 143(6) (2017).
      11. Afrin T., Kaye, N. B., Khan, A. A., & Testik, F. Y. “A parametric study of perforated pipe underdrains surrounded by loose aggregate” S.C.E. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 142(12) (2016).
      12. Hodges, J., Saylor, J. R., & Kaye, N. B. “A functional form for the diurnal variation of lake surface temperature on Lake Hartwell, northwestern South Carolina” IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing 9(8) pp. 3564—3577 (2016).

Book Chapters

    1. Martin, W., Sumanasooriya, M., Kaye, N. B., & Putman B. “Design of porous pavements for improved water quality and reduced runoff” Handbook of Environmental Engineering (Ed. M. Kutz) Wiley (2018)
    2. Kaye, N. B., Khan, A. A., & Testik, F. Y. “Environmental fluid mechanics” Handbook of Environmental Engineering, (Ed. M. Kutz) Wiley (2018)
Kaye, Nigel B.
Contact Information:
Office: 218 Lowry Hall
Phone: (864) 656-5941
FAX: (864) 656-2670
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