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At Clemson we have the Will to Lead. That’s why we're designing our academic and research programs with one goal in mind - to generate impact. Our undergraduate program is among the best in the nation, providing rigorous coverage of traditional principles plus skills required to immediately compete in the global workplace. These include leadership, international experiences, and dynamic decision making through programs such as Clemson Engineers for Developing Countries (CEDC) and the Glenn Global Leadership Fellows. Our graduate program is focused on convergent research related to global grand challenges involving infrastructure and the environment. Innovative partnerships with multi-national corporations and dual PhD degree programs with world-class institutions such as Tongji University further leverage our global impact. Interested in impacting the future? Come join us.

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Please check IROAR for classes offered Summer 2018.  Some classes will be offered on campus and some available online only.
For courses offered on line, please visit Summer On-line Classes for more infomation.

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Juliann Lloyd

Juliann Lloyd

 Meet Juliann Lloyd, a current
 undergraduate student in civil. 
 Watch her story!