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School of CEEES | Glenn Department of Civil Engineering

Academic Advising

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CJ Bolding

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Academic Events

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    The Department of Civil Engineering provides individualized advising services to our students throughout their academic studies by using a faculty advising model. First-year students are initially assigned to a professional advisor within the General Engineering program who helps them navigate their initial curriculum requirements. 

    In addition to the pre-registration appointments for speaking to your advisor, please note that your advisor can serve as a good source of other information related to the University, the department, and the profession of Civil Engineering.

    Advising Packet
    • Registration and Curriculum Worksheet

      Curriculum Planning

      The curriculum has been laid out in the ideal sense. It is not unusual, though, for a student to need a customized plan of study to fit individual needs, such as students with Co-ops. Therefore, you should develop your plan, review it with the advisor, and revise it as conditions change.

      Course Registration

      Registration occurs during the second half of each semester. See the University's Academic Calendar for more information.


      There are two deadlines for dropping classes. The first occurs two weeks after the first day of class and is the last date to drop without a W in the class. The second occurs about nine weeks into the semester and is the last day to drop with a grade of "W." You should be fully aware of the consequences of class registration actions and should discuss these with your advisor, as needed.

      Curriculum Worksheet
    • General Education Requirements

      Technical Requirements Policy

      Students are required to take at least 18 units of technical requirements during senior year, including restricted and design requirements. Consult with your advisor and refer to the advising packet when selecting courses. The document contains the approved list of:

      • Technical Requirement Courses
      • Design Technical Requirement Courses
      • Restricted Technical Requirement Courses

      Note: Pre-approval must be obtained if CE 4900 or CE 4990 is used to satisfy a technical requirement. For a CE 4900 or CE 4990 to be accepted as a technical elective, the course instructor must submit a complete syllabus to the Department Chair before the start of the semester the course is offered. The Department Chair will grant approval or deny approval based on the course syllabus.

      Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

      Civil Engineering Students must take a minimum of 15 credits (5 courses) to satisfy the General Education Arts, Humanities, and Social Science Requirements. When selecting courses, please refer to the Undergraduate Catalog.

      AHSS requirements include:
      1. Arts & Humanities (A&H) - a) Literature and b) Non-Literature courses.
      2. Social Sciences (SS) (2 courses from different fields)
      3. Additional A&H/SS credits (For curriculum before 2014-2015)
      4. Cross-Cultural Awareness (CCA)
      5. Science and Technology in Society (STS)

      Important Hint: Be efficient when selecting courses by double-dipping to meet the STS and CCA requirements. Failure to do so may result in having to take more than 15 credit hours to meet the AHSS requirement.

    • Change of Major

      To declare your major into CE, you must have a cumulative GPA of 2.60 and meet the required curriculum with a C or better.

      If you would like to change your major, you are encouraged to meet with an advisor in the intended program before making the change. You may be able to make an Explore appointment in CU Navigate. You can submit an Undergraduate Change of Program request in iROAR.

      Change Major Appeal: Students may submit an appeal to be accepted into the Civil Engineering program. A letter of support from a faculty member must accompany the request.

      Change Major Information
    • Scheduling Appointments

      Scheduling the Appointment

      Look for an email from your advisor on how to schedule your pre-registration appointment through CU Navigate. Sign up early, as appointments are limited. Other appointment types can be scheduled using the CU Navigate app or by clicking on the Schedule an Appointment link under your advisor’s name.

      Prepare for Your Appointment

      1. Check your progress toward your degree in DegreeWorks.
      2. Complete all pre-advising forms requested by your advisor prior to your appointment.