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Honors & Awards

Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 brought unprecedented challenges for our students. They faced adapting to new course modalities and shifts in roles and responsibilities related to teaching and research assistantships, all while experiencing the new reality of life during a pandemic. All the challenges withstanding we are proud of the resilience and fortitude shown by our students. We would like to recognize our undergraduate and graduate students for their commitment and dedication to academic excellence.

Sixteen awards were given to twenty-three students for the 2020 Fall-2021 Spring academic year.  Congratulations to all of you!  We know you will do great things!

Departmental Undergraduate Awards

Herbert W. Busching Outstanding Junior and Senior Award — given to outstanding student(s) from the Junior and Senior class as determined by the CE Honors and Awards Committee. The award memorializes Dr. Herbert W. Busching, who taught for many years in the CE Department and also served as Department Chair.

Outstanding SeniorPaul Gennett
Outstanding Junior — Edwina Lewis and Mark McCool

John M. Ford Award — given to the CE student who has shown an interest in the professional practice of civil engineering and has attained an outstanding academic record. The award memorializes the achievements of John M. Ford, who taught for many years in the Civil Engineering Department

Jayson Leonard

E. L. Clark Award — given to a senior CE student for outstanding academic achievement. The award is to honor and perpetuate the memory of Dr. E. L. Clarke, who served as Civil Engineering Department Chair from 1921-1951.

Hannah Stewart

Departmental Graduate Fellowships and Awards

Kimley-Horn & Associates Fellowship — The Fellowship is given to the student judged by the Graduate Program Committee to be the best applicant to the graduate program in the Fall semester each year.

Deanna Craig
Christian Herrygers

The Aniket Shrikhande Memorial Annual Graduate Fellowship was established by the Shrikhande family to honor the memory of Aniket ('06 MSCE). Aniket cherished his experience at Clemson as a civil engineering graduate student, and his family is graciously and generously honoring his memory by enhancing the Clemson Experience for others. The fellowship is awarded to "the most outstanding current graduate student" who is pursuing their graduate education in the geotechnical engineering area.

Vishnu Saketh Jella
Zakia Tasim

James Edwin Clark Fellowship — Awarded to the outstanding graduate student enrolled in the Civil Engineering graduate program with the intent of pursuing a career as a traffic/transportation engineer. Dr. Clark served as a professor of civil engineering at Clemson for 26 years.

Emmanuel Adjei
MD Zakid Khan
Fengjiai Zou

The Slade F. Exley Endowed Fellowship in Transportation Engineering provides fellowships for Civil Engineering college graduates who are pursuing a graduate degree in transportation engineering within the Civil Engineering Department with the intent of pursuing a career as a traffic/transportation engineer. Recipients will be citizens of the United States and will be selected in their senior year. Preference should be given to students who are presently serving or have served in the United States Armed Forces or Reserve.

David Ham
Ross Holt

David and Eleanor Rozendale Emerging Leaders Fellowship - The purpose is to provide graduate fellowships for students enrolled or enrolling into the Glenn Department of Civil Engineering. In the past, this fellowship has been used to support students presenting at national and international conferences. Other worthy activities may be considered.

Alyssa Leanman

Engineering "ART" Fellowship - The donor’s great wish is that all engineers would appreciate the great importance of conjoining engineering with the arts and each one would ‘serve the world with the mind of a scientist and the soul of a poet’.”  This fellowship is used to support students' national or international internships like experience. Other experiences can be considered.

Ta'jon Jordan

Rozendale Emerging Leaders Fellowship 

Alyssa Leaman

Glenn Graduate Fellow
Ian Stewart

Glenn Graduate Teaching Fellow - This fellowship is designed to meet two goals:1) improve the marketability of our PhD graduates desiring a career in academics and 2) improve the level of instruction in undergraduate courses.

Sababa Islam

CE Outstanding Graduate Researcher
MD Zadid Khan

Outstanding Graduate Lab Assistant - This award was established in 2006 and is awarded to the outstanding graduate lab assistant in civil engineering. The selection of the recipients is the responsibility of the Graduate Program Committee and is based on the student assessment of lab instructors.

Camilius Amevorku
Matthew Stanley

Graduate Teaching Assistant Above and Beyond —  Nominated by faculty
Max Teddy — Fall 2020 (Transportation)
Safwan Ahsanullah — Spring 2021 (Water Resources)

Outstanding Teacher Award — Selected by students
Nasim Chowdhury

College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences Award

Outstanding Senior Award
Paul Gennett

Clemson University Award

2021 RC Edwards Outstanding Graduate Student Award
Fengjiaou Zou

Leadership Award

Glenn Global Leadership Award - established through funds from the Gerald M. and Candi W. Glenn Endowment to provide outstanding Clemson Civil Engineering students (undergraduate or graduate) with international, leadership-building experiences. It is not presented on an annual basis.